Wilderness Whitetails

Wisconsin hunting

Carol, Greg and Shorty Flees
Greg: 715-572-5334
Shorty: 715-572-3344

Rocholt, Wisconsin, 54473
Website – http://www.wildernesswhitetails.com
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The Ultimate Whitetail Hunting Destination – Record Breaking Genetics

Experience Is Everything! It’s what hunting is all about. At Wilderness Whitetails, we have spent the last 30 years creating what we believe to be the most unique and unrivaled hunting experience in the world.

Our property is uniquely managed to allow hunters the experience of a lifetime matching wits with elusive record class deer. From the impenetrable cedar swamps, tall timber of the piney woods, rolling hardwoods, and thick grasses all across the property, the hunter quickly finds themselves in hunting situations that put an all new meaning to the term “BUCK FEVER”.

AT WILDERNESS WHITETAILS OUR HUNTERS HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ENCOUNTER DEER COMMONLY OVER 300” AND EXPERIENCE TROPHY DEER HUNTING LIKE NO OTHER PLACE ON THE PLANET!A record 492” Non-Typical deer was taken in the 2011 season and is the current pending #1 SCI deer of all time!! This same season also put one lucky bow hunter on the current pending #1 SCI archery deer, with a score of 311 5/8”!!

THE LEGENDS: Every year there is a group of bucks that are hunted hard at Wilderness Whitetails and for various reasons are able to elude hunters all season. Many of these bucks become nocturnal as soon as the hunting pressure picks up. Some of them have a keen awareness as to where a hunter may be sitting and have an ability to avoid those areas during hunting hours. These bucks become legendary on our properties. Occasionally one will make a mistake and a hunter may get lucky and harvest them. In most cases they will make it thru to another season. Many times hunters leave home empty handed as they have attempted to harvest one of these incredible whitetails only to be defeated. As our 2011 Hunting Season ended we still have a group of deer that have reached Legendary Status on our properties.

Wilderness Whitetails does not buy deer or bring deer in. Everyone of these bucks has spent their entire lives on Wilderness Whitetails properties. Most of these bucks have been hunted hard for 2, 3, or 4 years.  Several of them are going on 7 or 8 years of age.  Some will eventually die of old age. These bucks have outsmarted our guides and hunters for yet another season. We look forward to the challenge of chasing them again next fall!